Share bandwidth equally mikrotik

If you desire to share your bandwidth among different groups of hotspot users in a way that the activities of one group does not affect the browsing speed of the others, then Mikrotik hotspot user profile is the feature you need, and this post will show you everything you need to do to get it right.

11. Mikrotik PCQ Share Equally Bandwidth for all hosts

Mikrotik hotspot user profile is a feature that can be used when setting up the Mikrotik hotspot to categorize hotspot users into groups. These groups are then assigned bandwidth speed from the bandwidth available from the ISP. Mikrotik hotspot allows the delivery of wireless internet coverage within a campus, hotel, town, etc. Some of the benefits of hotspot include single sign-on irrespective of where a user is connecting fromroaming, easy password, user and bandwidth management, etc.

How to manage bandwidth with Mikrotik Hotspot User profile

The first step is the setting up of hotspot server. With a few clicks, here and there, you are done setting up your hotspot server in no time.

share bandwidth equally mikrotik

Some of the details that must be entered while setting up a hotspot server include the following: choose interface for which hotspot is configured, enter interface IP, define hotspot pool, enter interface IP as primary dns server IP. You may like: How to configure Mikrotik hotspot. After the configuration of hotspot sever, configure Mikrotik hotspot user profile.

In the hotspot menu, click on the user profile tab and enter the name and rate as highlighted in the image below. You can repeat the steps to create more user profiles.

After the hotspot user profile has been created, click on the user tab to create hotspot users and assign them to different profiles. Users will inherit the speed allocated to their assigned hotspot user profile.

share bandwidth equally mikrotik

See the image below for how to create users. With this setup, the user named user1 and any other users assigned to the profile named manager will all have 2mbps upload and download speed shared amongst themselves.

If create another profile and assign them 1mbps, the user profile will ensure that 2mbps will be reserved at all times to users assigned to the manager profile.

This is a good way to make sure that a few systems do not take up the entire bandwidth available to all. You may also like: How to solve all your Mikrotik hotspot problems. If you enjoyed this tutorial, please subscribe to this blog to receive my posts via email. Spread the love Related posts: How to solve all your Mikrotik Hotspot issues. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience.If yes, then this post is what you seek. In this demonstration, I will share with us on how to evenly share bandwidth among connected users, using Mikrotik PCQ.

The Mikrotik PCQ which stands for per connection classifier, is a router OS feature that allows one to dynamically queue connected users by setting a max limit for each user. Using the parameters specified by the administrator during Mikrotik pcq configuration, the router will ensure that each established connection is limited to a predefined connection speed. When properly configured, PCQ ensures that a user using download accelerator or bit torrent does not take up the entire bandwidth while other users struggle.

To setup Mikrotik PCQ to control downloads, we need to define to the router what download packets are. This will be done using the mangle rule. See below. The rule above captures packets destined to the LAN address This rule will be used in later step. Since I have just about 2 connected users, I am assuming that established connection at any particular cannot exceed If you have up to users on your network, it will be wise to increase yours to or beyond but bear in mind that the more the queues, the more RAM and processor space it will take from your router.

Each user will be limited to 1Mbps upload and download from a total bandwidth from what ever the ISP is giving me. This means that the maximum bandwidth that any connected users can pull is 1Mbps. Next, I will implement queue tree using the pcq created above as well as the mangle rule created in step one. There are two approaches to this.

Manual:Queues - PCQ Examples

You can set a max rate for all connected users. See below:. If you want connected users to work with what the ISP has available, then there is no need setting the first queue in the image above. Just set rules 2 and 3 making sure that the parent is set to global. That way, each connected user can pull a maximum of 1Mbps from what the ISP is given.

At peak period, users may not be able to pull up to 1Mbps. PCQ can help stop users from exceeding a defined bandwidth limit but does not guarantee that users can pull up to a certain speed at all times. Spread the love Related posts: How to prioritise traffics with Mikrotik. How to configure dynamic queue on Mikrotik routers using Queue Tree. How to use Mikrotik torch to identify the cause of network congestion How to queue customers to subscribed bandwidth on Ubiquiti PowerBeam Stop downloads on Mikrotik and punish offenders!!!

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share bandwidth equally mikrotik

Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. You may change your settings at any time. Your choices will not impact your visit. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. Skip to content MikroTik. July 1, July 13, Timigate 0 Comments Mikrotikqueue.

Spread the love. Related posts: How to prioritise traffics with Mikrotik. Configuring destination NAT on Mikrotik to ensure unauthorized access from the internet is prohibited. March 14, April 27, Timigate 0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.There are various types of queue services in MikroTik router for managing internet bandwidth.

As a network administrator of any ISP company, you should manage various offered bandwidth packages like kbps connection, 1Mbps connection or 2Mbps connection for the clients. Managing these packages with MikroTik Simple Queues will be so hardy and time killing. So, your MikroTik Queue configuration is just one time. You will map network block according to your offered bandwidth packages and then assign client IP according to their purchase bandwidth.

The whole process will be shown in the rest of this article. Say, you have three offered packages for your ISP clients. These are kbps connection, 1Mbps connection and 2Mbps connection. So, your proposed plan would be like below. If you configure PCQ in your MikroTik router properly, every client of these blocks will get your assigned bandwidth because in PCQ service every client gets equal bandwidth that will be assigned for the whole block.

These basic steps were explained in my another article about MikroTik router basic configuration using winbox. If you are a new MikroTik user, spend some times to study that article and complete MikroTik router basic configuration and then follow the rest of this article to complete MikroTik PCQ configuration.

MikroTik PCQ configuration can be divided into two steps. Here we will define Upload and Download speed for our offered packages. So, follow my below steps to complete Queue Types configuration. PCQ Queue types configuration has been completed. Now assign your clients IP and check their bandwidth with free internet speed test tool. I hope you will get your desired result. Also a video tutorial has been uploaded to reduce any confusion on configuration.

I hope you are now able to configure PCQ in your MikroTik router and able to maintain your client bandwidth without any hassles. However, if you face any problem to assign bandwidth to your ISP client with PCQ configuration, please discuss in comment or contact with me from Contact page.

I will try my best to stay with you. Your name can also be listed here. Have an IT topic? Submit it here to become a System Zone author. What version of mikrotik OS works best in terms of queueing. Hi sapanda, Thanks for your comments.

You should follow all the steps mentioned in this article. Please follow my video tutorial also. In simple queue configuration, you must provide advanced tab information and there you must choose Queue Type for this simple queue and the Queue Type is the PCQ profile that you created before. The logical strategy in PCQ service is to provide equal bandwidth to each client who has this queue type.Per Connection Queue PCQ is a queuing discipline that can be used to dynamically equalize or shape traffic for multiple users, using little administration.

It is possible to divide PCQ scenarios into three major groups: equal bandwidth for a number of users, certain bandwidth equal distribution between users, unknown bandwidth equal distribution between users.

Use PCQ type queue when you need to equalize the bandwidth [and set max limit] for a number of users. We will set the 64kbps download and 32kbps upload limits. Setup two PCQ queue types - one for download and one for upload. If you don't like using mangle and queue trees, you can skip step 1, do step 2, and step 3 would be to create one simple queue as shown here:. Note: More information about certain and unknown Distribution between routers can be found in PCQ manual.

Jump to: navigationsearch. Equal Bandwidth for a Number of Users Use PCQ type queue when you need to equalize the bandwidth [and set max limit] for a number of users. There are two ways how to make this: using mangle and queue trees, or, using simple queues. Categories : Manual QoS Examples.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Manual Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Navigation Main Page Recent changes. This page was last edited on 20 Novemberat HTB allows to create hierarchical queue structure and determine relations between queues. In RouterOS, these hierarchical structures can be attached at two different places, packet flow diagram illustrate both Input and Postrouting chains.

Rate limiting is used to control the rate of traffic flow sent or received on a network interface. Traffic which rate that is less than or equal to the specified rate is sent, whereas traffic that exceeds the rate is dropped or delayed.

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As you can see in the first case all traffic exceeds a specific rate and is dropped. In another case, traffic exceeds a specific rate and is delayed in a queue and transmitted later when it is possible, but note that the packet can be delayed only until the queue is not full. If there is no more space in the queue buffer, packets are dropped. You can also use simple queues to build advanced QoS applications.

They have useful integrated features:.

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Simple queues have a strict order - each packet must go through every queue until it reaches one queue which conditions fit packet parameters or until the end of the queues list is reached.

In case of queues, a packet for the last queue will need to proceed through queues before it will reach the destination. Assume we have network topology like Figure 8. Add a simple queue rule, which will limit the download traffic to kbps and upload to kbps for the network The max-limit parameter cuts down the maximum available bandwidth.

The target allows defining the source IP addresses to which the queue rule will be applied. Note: Since RouterOS v6 these settings are combined in the option target where you can specify either of the above.

Target is to be viewed from perspective of the target. If you want to limit your users' upload capability, set "target upload". Each of these two properties can be used to determine which direction is target upload and which is download. Be careful to configure both of these options for the same queue - in case they will point to opposite directions queue will not work. If neither value of target nor of interface is specified, the queue will not be able to make the difference between upload and download and will limit all traffic twice.

Queue tree creates only one directional queue in one of the HTBs. It is also the only way how to add queue on the separate interface. This way it is possible to ease mangle configuration - you don't need separate marks for download and upload - only upload will get to Public interface and only download will get to Private interface. Read more about HTB and see configuration examples.

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This sub-menu lists by default created queue types and allow to add new user-specific ones. Note: Starting from v5. Usually at least packets can be queued for transmit in transmit descriptor ring buffer.

share bandwidth equally mikrotik

Transmit descriptor ring buffer size and the amount of packets that can be queued in it varies for different types of ethernet MACs. By having one software queue for each hardware queue there might be less time spent for synchronizing access to them. Note: having possibility to set only-hardware-queue requires support in ethernet driver so it is available only for some ethernet interfaces mostly found on RBs.

Queue kinds or Queuing scheduling algorithms describe which packet will be transmitted next in line. RouterOS supports several queuing algorithms:.

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Every packet that cannot be enqueued if the queue is fullis dropped. Large queue sizes can increase latency, but utilize channel better. This queue is beneficial on SMP systems with ethernet interfaces that have support for multiple transmit queues and have a linux driver support for multiple transmit queues.

Random Early Drop is a queuing mechanism which tries to avoid network congestion by controlling the average queue size.February 09, One of the cool feature on Mikrotik queuing is Per Connection Queuing.

HI how can you give priority to msn messenger on mikrotik. Thank you. June 15, at AM. Emmanuel Arul Gobinath said…. Hi, This can be done but have to analyze the traffic from the MSN messenger. Let me check this Saturday and update on this. Hope you are requesting on the video. June 22, at PM. September 14, at PM. New to mikrotik and not a fan of codes. But I need to know the process of how to set up a queue.

Either simple or a queue tree. I want this queue to have the following behaviour on my network. Give fair bandwidth usage to all users currently on network Users can vary at times Give priority connection of 65kbps to specific computers I dont know how mikrotik marks computers.

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Maybe using MAC addresses. This will be used to give admin computers priority connection. Give Skype users a connection of at least 20kbps. Not lower! Not sure if this would be enough for a clear call, but we can always change the values later to meet our needs Please I just need the scripts or strings to input into my mikrotik winbox. Would be extemely grateful if this can be done as it would give us an easier time installing more base stations.


Thanks, Joe.We are using Mikrotik CCR ver 6. Its useful when you are using PCQ base queueusand your raidus still sends dynamic queues, you can add this in pppoe profile startups script section, so any dynamic queue will be removed whenever any user logins. Change the Bandwidth and Target IP addresses to meet your local requirements. In this example we are marking traffic via mangle rules.

For example We have kb internet bandwidth in total. Use the following. For example, You have a network and every user have there bandwidth limited at kb. Now you want that if a user is downloading. First we need to mark protocols. In this example we are using SMTP port Now we will create Simple Queue and give high priority to marked packets and other packets low priority. In this example we have 2Mb WAN connection.

As shown in the image below. NIce sharing! Like Like. Comment by faizan — January 5, PM. Just create simple queues for your users. Above the queue, create one more queue which will limit the. Jahanzaib Bhai its not working with ros 6. Comment by waqas hussain — July 24, AM.

Hello syed, Really nice sharing. I have one query. If want to make make users to have unlimited speed on accessing web pages and mails or just browsing any site. But users will get limited speed or lower priority if they are downloading anything.